Castor Oil and how to Use it for Beard Growth and Maintenance

Castor Oil and how to Use it for Beard Growth and Maintenance

castor oil and beard growth

Castor oil can be used for facial hair. it’s a rather unique vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of the castor plant.

It’s fatty acid composition is mostly monounsaturated, with 90% of the fatty-acids being ricinoleates.

Due to the lubricative nature of the castor oil, it has been used in motor oils, hydraulic oils, and brake fluid, but it can be also found in perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and many soaps.

In recent years, the use of castor oil has exploded among women, who swear by its benefits in strengthening and thickening hair. eyelashes, and eyebrows.

But what about castor oil and beard?

Castor oil and Facial Hair

castor oil beard

These past few years, castor oil beard oils have started popping up on online shops.

They are claimed to stimulate the hair follicles, and thicken the existing facial hair…

…But is there any merit to these claims?

Well, sort of. As castor oil has been shown to raise the levels of prostaglandin E2, and this prostaglandin has been previously studied for its hair growth stimulating effect (it has some sort of inflammatory stimulating effect at the hair follicle).

Another reason people swear by the beard and hair thickening effect of castor oil is probably due to its thick and dense feel compared to most oils. When applied to the beard, castor oil will “stick” to it and create the illusion of thickness for a while (which by all means isn’t a bad thing at all).

Should you use castor oil for Beard?

My answer is yes, probably.

There’s some evidence that it works to actually stimulate new growth, and even if it wouldn’t, it’s still pretty nice smelling daily beard oil with a short-term thickening effect. after application.

You can use it like any other beard oil, simply take some on your hand, rub around warming it up a bit, and apply to the facial hair.

The Beard Training recommends Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil.