Beard Foods: 9 Foodstuffs to Increase Facial Hair Growth Rate and Density

Beard Foods: 9 Foodstuffs to Increase Facial Hair Growth Rate and Density

foods that increase beard growth rate naturally

If you’re looking to increase your facial hair growth naturally, one thing to focus on should be nutrition.

Sure people like to say that beard growth is all genetics, but in reality, there’s huge room for improvement in our diets when it comes to maximizing natural beard gain potential.

The way most “guides” address the topic of nutrition goes like this; “drink lots of water, eat lots of protein”. However, this is basic throwaway information that is just recycled by people who don’t have slightest clue about nutrition.

The way to address nutrition for beard growth is simple; eat to boost hormones, testosterone and DHT specifically.

With that in mind, here are 9 foods that help grow a beard to start from.

1. Orange Juice

orange juice as beard growth foodNowadays people are scared about sugar, even in the form of fruit.

This is bonkers, as simple sugars – especially the fructose from fruits like orange – play key role in the production of thyroid hormones and androgens.

As it has been shown by numerous of studies, carbohydrate consumption in general is important for healthy hormone production, but fructose specifically can suppress something called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which binds to free testosterone molecules, rendering them inactive for receptor binding.

When you drink OJ, you are ingesting fructose which suppresses SHBG and thus leaves more free bio-active testosterone to bind to the facial androgen receptors, supporting natural beard growth. Not to mention the vitamin C.

2. Sorghum

sorghum for facial hair gainsSorghum is relatively unknown gluten-free grain that comes from Africa.

What makes it so interesting in terms of hormonal health and beard growth, is the fact that it’s one of the few known foods that can increase dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels.

And DHT as you might know, is the most potent androgenic hormone, necessary for beard and chest hair growth.

According to a study by Ruksiriwanich et al. sorghum extract can increase 5-a reductase enzyme levels by yp to 54%, which is great news since 5-alpha reductase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into the stronger androgen; DHT.

There are two easy ways to get some sorghum into your diet; either get sorghum flour and use it in your cooking (there’s plenty of recipes out there), or buy a supplement like this which has sorghum extract in it.

3. Gelatin and Collagen

bone broth for beard stimulationYears ago, humans used to consume whole animals, organ meats, bones, everything was consumed without question.

Nowadays, we tend to only consume the muscle meats, which hurts us in a surprising way; as it skews our amino acid balance…

…When we only eat muscle meat, we get too much cysteine and tryptophan, with little to no proline and glycine (the collagen proteins).

We need to reintroduce gelatinous proteins back into our diets for the sake of the beard, as glycine and proline make up large chunk of the keratin that makes the hair pop out of follicles.

Glycine and proline are also inhibitory neurotransmitters, which help us relax and sleep better. And you don’t even have to eat organ meats to get them anymore…

…You could get some bone broth, or gelatin powder and make jelly form it, or simply stir some collagen hydrosylate into a cup of water.

Just don’t eat only muscle-meats, it’s bad.

4. Raisins

raisins increase DHT and boost beard growth naturallyRaisins are freaking great news for beard gains.

They’re a rich source of fructose, which suppresses SHBG and leaves you with more bio-active free testosterone.

And they’re also packed with boron, which has been shown to raise DHT and testosterone levels – again, both hormones being vitally important for beard growth stimulation.

I’d recommend you to get some organic raisins or chocolate raisins to have around in your house as a snack to bite on once in a while.

5. Macadamia Nuts

macadamia nuts stimulate hair follicles in faceMost nuts aren’t that good for hormones, since they contain too many polyunsaturated fatty-acids, which suppress testosterone and DHT.

However, Macadamia nuts are different.

These tastly little fat-bombs are loaded with the pro-testosterone fat that is monounsaturated (the same kind as in olive oil).

And only 2% of the fat found in Macadamia nuts is polyunsaturated.

This makes Macadamia nut a great beard boosting snack, get a bag and toss them in a trail mix with some chocolate raisins for example.

6. Potatoes

potatoes are excelent beard boosting foodI’ve said it couple times before and I will say it again;

Carbohydrates are the most important macronutrient when it comes to optimizing hormone levels, and thus, they are the most important macronutrient when it comes to naturally facial hair growth boosting.

And one of the best sources of carbohydrates there is are; potatoes, any kind.

They are quite low in calories, extremely filling, nutrient dense, and versatile as F#@k.

7. Eggs

Eggs are like nature’s own multivitamin.

Their high-quality protein nourishes the hair follicles, and the micronutrients; biotin especially – are vital for healthy beard growth.

Not to mention the cholesterol, which serves an important role as the backbone in hormone production, and the saturated fat that can help further boost those hormone levels.

It’s not a bad idea to get some everyday, and don’t throw away the yolk like an idiot, that’s where most of the good stuff is.

8. Olive Oil

Many vegetable oils are harmful for testosterone due to their high amount of polyunsaturated fatty-acids (PUFAs).

Olive oil is an exception though as it’s quite low in PUFA, but very high in a type of fat that has been shown to increase testosterone levels; monounsaturated fatty-acids (MUFAs).

And that’s what makes it so good for beard growth, it’s absolutely amazing at raising the beard stimulating hormone; testosterone.

This was seen in a study where young Moroccan men switched their main fat source to olive oil, and saw their testosterone levels increase by nearly 20% in just 2 weeks.

NOTE: Always use organic extra-virgin olive oil. Some of the cheaper olive oils can be diluted with other vegetable oils and even sulfates.

9. Coffee

weird way coffee increases natural hair growth rate on faceThere’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Wait, scratch that…

…There’s nothing better than knowing that the cup of coffee you’re enjoying is actually stimulating your hormone secretion and favorably impacting your beard growth rate.

How? Well, coffee increases a molecule called cAMP, which is a secondary messenger between cells, hormones, and hormone receptors.

Which is probably why coffee and caffeine supplementation has been shown to dose-dependently increase testosterone production in several studies.