6 Ways to Grow Facial Hair Faster Naturally: Supercharge your Beard Growth

6 Ways to Grow Facial Hair Faster Naturally: Supercharge your Beard Growth


Men with no beard or weak facial hair growth have asked this question for ages.

How to grow facial hair faster naturally?”.

The common answer has always been “genetics, bro”. And while that’s certainly true, we now know of several things that we can use to effectively cheat our natural our genetic potential.

I can guarantee you that you will have everything you need in order to know how to increase beard growth naturally within the next 6-12 months after reading this article. There are multiple ways to grow beard faster and those are going to be exposed right now.


1. Minoxidil

rogaine grows new facial hairThere are often promises of magic pills. 99,9% of the time they are absolutely useless and waste of time. But when it comes to beard growth, there is a magic liquid solution. One that grows beard even on cheeks that have no hair prior use.

I’m talking about minoxidil, or as it’s more commonly known; Rogaine.

It’s a clinically-proven, prescriptionless minoxidil/alcohol mix that is applied topically to areas you want hair to grow in. Obviously, it’s mostly used for men that are balding, as it improves circulation and nutrient delivery to the follicles…

…But then some women started using it to grow longer lashes and bushier eyebrows, which led to some men thinking…

…”Could minoxidil be used to face to grow a beard?”.

The answer is a resounding yes. Thousands of men have been pioneers in testing rogaine and other brands of minoxidil on their face for 3-12 months proving with hundreds of before and after photos how Rogaine grew them a beard. Just look at these pictures:

impressive before after results from rogaine on beard

another impressive minoxidil beard transformationEven after that, many sceptics have remained, but now there’s even clinical evidence by Thai researchers to prove that even the mild 3% solution of minoxidil is capable of massively increasing beard growth rate when applied to the face.

If there’s one thing you want that would be most effective at stimulating natural beard growth with guaranteed results in 3-12 months, get yourself some 5% Rogaine or 5% Kirkland minoxidil and apply twice per day to the face in 1-2ml dose. Thank me later.

2. Microneedling

microneedling for new beard hairsMicroneedling is a process where you use a product called “dermaroller” to puncture tiny holes to the skin surface.

This signals the body to rush in fresh blood with nutrients to stimulate healing at the location the punctures are in.

Microneedling the area of the beard can greatly enhance natural beard growth in men due to somewhat “forceful” stimulation of the facial hair follicles underneath the skin surface.

Combined with minoxidil, the results are nothing short of miraculous.

So how to microneedle? Easy, just get a dermaroller with needle size of 0,25-1mm and roll in multiple directions at the facial area couple times a day.

Note: you should use a beard trimmer to cut your facial hair somewhat short before microneedling to prevent snagging.

3. Beard Boosting Supplements

natural beard follicle stimulationSome supplements can be used to promote beard growth.

I’m not talking about those low-quality multivitamins that have the word “beard” slapped in the title with a $50 price tag.

Instead I’m talking about high-quality micronutrient supplement, which has several key nutrients that are proven to increase testosterone and DHT, exactly what your body needs to stimulate facial hair follicles (like this one).

Or ashwagandha (preferably the KSM-66 extract), which has been proven by more than five peer-reviewed human studies to actually increase testosterone, the beard growth hormone.

Or L-Dopa, which is a direct precursor to dopamine. The way it improves beard growth rate is by acting as coactivator protein to the androgen receptors in the face, and by boosting testosterone synthesis at the leydig cells.

4. Nutrition

speed up facial hair growth with nutritionOne of the most underestimated beard growth hacks out there is to actually dial in your nutrition so that your body is producing the maximal amount of testosterone and DHT naturally to support beard growth.

Normally, people just say “drink water and eat protein and vegetables”. But screw that vague load of BS.

You need quality carbs like rice, potatoes, and fruit to make a base of your diet (as carbohydrate intake is directly positively correlated with testosterone and DHT production). Make sure that your diet is 50-60% carbs.

You also need some protein for beard growth, but not as much as the fitness nuts would like you to consume. For testosterone production, science tells us that 20-25% of your daily calories coming from protein would be somewhat optimal. Try to balance this around animal proteins like meat and milk, and don’t forget the gelatinous organ meats and bone broth.

Lastly, fats. You may have heard that the body uses fats to build testosterone. Well it does, but not all kinds of fat works. In fact, polyunsaturated fatty-acids (the ones commonly found in vegetable oils, fast food, and margarines) actually have a testosterone suppressing effect. Whereas saturated and monounsaturated fats (butter, coconut oil, animal fats, eggs, olive oil, etc) have a positive impact on testosterone, and thus, can boost facial hair growth naturally.

5. Increasing Testosterone

more testosterone more beard growthFew pointers above talk about specific things you can do to increase testosterone, like dialing in your nutrition and using a quality multivitamin.

But I’d like to emphasis the importance of testosterone and other androgens (male hormones) for their ability to support natural facial hair growth.

There are few things more you can do to get your body producing even more T and DHT naturally…

…Such as:

    • Sleep well 7-9 hours per night.
    • Lift weights 1-3 times per week, big heavy multi-joint movements.
    • Try to stay lean, being fat crushes testosterone and inactivates DHT to weaker metabolites.
    • Try to minimize all types of stress, as cortisol (the stress hormone) suppresses testosterone.
    • Limit your use of plastics and useless chemicals, many compounds in these like parabens and bisphenol-A suppress hormones.
    • Limit alcohol consumption, some occasionally isn’t a big deal, but binge drinking crushes your hormonal health.

6. Red light stimulation

red light for facial hair stimulation hacksIn recent years, the use of red light has been studied extensively.

What researchers have noted is that certain wavelengths of red, can activate an enzyme called cytochrome C oxidase in the body, which directly boosts cellular metabolism within the place the light is shined on.

This has been tested on the testicles, which led to increased testosterone production.

It has also been tested on the neck area for thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones, and it resulted in significantly better thyroid output, so much so that many patients were able to get rid of their medication all together.

And lastly, the thing that interests us, the use of red light for beard growth speeding. At the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, it was studied that shining low level red laser light to the light vellus hairs of the back, was able to convert many of these hairs into thick terminal hairs. It’s likely that similar results can be observed for beard at the facial hair follicles.

The wavelength of red that seems to have most promising effects for hair growth is in the range of 630-850nw, you can use a powerful led flashlight like this for 10-30 minutes for good results.


There you have it, a six-step “recipe” to speed up and boost beard growth naturally.


  • Get your hands on some minoxidil, it’s insanely effective.
  • Combine it with Derma roller for even better results.
  • Take a look at our supplement article for some proven compounds.
  • Dial in your nutrition to support hormonal balance (more androgens, more beard).
  • Boost up that testosterone with sleep, exercise, stress reduction, etc.
  • Get a red light source at 630-850nw.