Minoxidil and Beard Growth: How to Use Rogaine and Generic Minoxidil for...

Minoxidil and Beard Growth: How to Use Rogaine and Generic Minoxidil for Facial Hair Stimulation

minoxidil for facial hair stimulation and beard growth

Minoxidil started as an oral vasodilator drug for people with blood pressure issues.

One of the quickly noted “side effects”, was that the people taking minoxidil started seeing new hair growth all around their bodies.

This side effect was so strong that eventually researchers saw an actual use for topical solution of minoxidil, later branded as Rogaine.

Rogaine was extensively tested on balding men, and it was noted that although it had no hormonal effects (like many other hair loss drugs), it was still able to force new hair growth and make the existing hairs thicker by increasing the circulation of the scalp hair follicles and improved nutrient delivery to the roots.

After that, many men began wondering; “What if I use Rogaine on my face? Can Minoxidil grow beard the same way it grows hair on scalp?”

The short answer is yes. Minoxidil beard is a thing.

How Does Minoxidil Stimulate Facial Hair Growth

rogaine and minoxidil for facial hair root stimulationThe way Rogaine works to stimulate beard growth is complex, but it can be simplified down to couple more understandable steps.

When applied topically to the area of the facial hair, minoxidil absorbs to the derma papila (hair follicle).

In there it opens potassium channels, causing widening of the blood vessels that feed the beard follicles.

This allows more blood, hormones, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the actual “sprouting grounds” of the beard.

In most men that can’t grow a beard, the reason is behind not having one is either having low levels of the male hormones testosterone and DHT, or their genetics cause the facial androgen receptors to not be “sensitive” enough towards the effects of these hormones.

Part of the reason why minoxidil is so effective for beard growth, is due to its ability to shuttle these hormones straight into the hair follicles, forcing facial hair growth even on men that didn’t have single shred of hair on their face before.

How Long Does it Take to See Results with Minoxidil on Beard

how long does minoxidil take to grow beardMinoxidil doesn’t grow you a beard in days or weeks. It will take months, sometimes even a year.

Don’t be discouraged though, the results will come within 3-12 months of continuous use.

It’ll start with new light “vellus hairs” slowly filling up your cheeks, chin, and moustache area, which then overtime – while the beard follicles bathe in the nutrient rich hormonal blood – will turn into terminal “androgenic” hair that is darker and thicker.

The beauty of it all is how the results are permanent.

Even after you stop using minoxidil, your facial hair will keep growing. Once the facial androgen receptors have been properly activated by minoxidil, they will keep sprouting new beard hair even after you stop using the solution.

So with 5% Rogaine or the generic 5% Kirkland Minoxidil, you should be seeing results in 3-12 months. Most people actually have some solid growth – even full beards from scratch – in this time frame.

How to Apply Minoxidil to the Face for Faster Beard Growth (and how to Supercharge the Effects)

kirkland minoxidil solution for beard stimulation and growthThere are different types of minoxidil out there now, as you can get the common liquid minoxidil, or the foam minoxidil, or even minoxidil creams.

If you look around the web for beard blogs and beard forums, it’s obvious that most men have had their greatest results with the original alcohol mixed solution.

I’ve always used the original 5% topical solution as well, not only does it seem to be extremely effective, you can also supercharge its permeability to the follicles with dexpanthenol (vitamin B5) cream.

So here’s how to apply minoxidil to face for beard growth:

    1. Get some dexpanthenol cream and rub some in the beard area.
    1. Let it absorb for 5-15 minutes massaging the cheeks and chin.
    1. Get a bottle of Rogaine 5% or Kirkland 5% minoxidil from Amazon, etc.
    1. Using the dropper, apply 1-2ml of solution around the face where you want beard.
    1. With 2 fingers, rub the solution in thoroughly and let dry, this takes 20ish minutes.
    1. Do not shower or wash your face for the next 4 hours after application, let it absorb.
  1. Wash your hands to prevent getting any hair growth in places you don’t want it.

Rogaine Beard Proof: Before and After Pictures and a Clinical Study

minoxidil before after resultsIf you haven’t used rogaine for beard growth stimulation before, you’re still likely to be sceptical about everything said here.

Which is fine, it’s normal human behavior to question any new information…

…Especially information that seems just too good to be true, like the case of growing a full beard from scratch with just the use of Rogaine.

But let me tell you, this stuff is real, it works almost like a magic pill, and there’s hundreds of before and after pictures to prove it, and even a clinical trial specifically for its use on beard growth (which was a great success).

Just take a look at these insane minoxidil beards before and after pictures:

impressive before after results from rogaine on beardanother impressive minoxidil beard transformation

Or this video which has compiled 100 before and after results from men using rogaine to boost facial hair growth:

Possible Side-Effects of Minoxidil and Rogaine

rogaine beard side effects and safetyLike with any drug, there’s possible side effects when using minoxidil for beard growth stimulation.

They aren’t common or severe in nature if you stick to the recommended dosages, which is why minoxidil is available without prescription, over the counter.

In any case; here’s some possible side effects that can happen with minoxidil use:

    • Fatigue
    • Dry skin
    • Headache
    • Water retention
    • Heart palpitations
  • Hair growth (side effect to some)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brands of minoxidil work best for facial hair stimulation?

  • As long as it has 2-5% minoxidil in the solution, any brand should work. However most men report great results with either the original 5% Rogaine solution, or the generic 5% Kirkland minoxidil.

What’s the best time of day to apply minoxidil for beard to get results?

  • I recommend to apply it once in the morning, and once couple hours before you go to bed. This isn’t set in stone though, work with times that are best for you.

Can I apply minoxidil to other places too?

  • Yes, some guys have used minoxidil on their eyebrows, arms, and chest with great results. Just remember to not get overboard with the dosage.

Is there a way to make minoxidil more effective?

Should I shave my face while using minoxidil?

  • You can, it doesn’t really affect the end results (although if you have lots of beard already, it may make application more easier for you. Also remember that the carrier liquid in the solution is alcohol, so don’t shave and immediately apply minoxidil, as this would burn quite a lot. I recommend you use a beard trimmer to keep your facial hair short when applying.

Does minoxidil work for teens as well?

  • Yes it will, but if you haven’t started puberty yet, the facial hair will not likely turn “androgenic”. In my opinion it’s best to wait until you’re at least 18. Who knows if you can pull one of naturally before that?


Does minoxidil work to stimulate beard growth? Can Rogaine be applied to face?

Yes, Yes, And Yes!

There’s mounting pile of evidence, both clinical and experimental that minoxidil is a relatively safe over the counter beard booster, causing facial hair to grow just as well as it does for scalp hairs.